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In our dynamic age, the advance of science is indeed rapid. Life itself urges scholars to look into new problems, suggests new themes and necessitates new approaches and methods of research. Aesthetics is no exception.
Each part of the present book considers an individual aspect of man's aesthetic activity and art and at the same time defines this aspect, so that, taken as a whole, the titles of the parts both add up to a detailed definition of the subfect of aesthetics and give the reader an idea of thecontent of the book. The range of issues treated by aesthetics is constantly expanding, and its subject is continually acquiring new facets. The author touches on some of the questions which have hitherto received little special attention.
The book is addressed to a thinking, interested and creative audience. Readers with no previous knowledge of the subject may find it difficult in places. But any science at the modem stage of its development is not easy to master.
If this book brings back to the reader his encounters with art, and if art and the beauty of life make him think about this book, the author will know his work has not been in vain.